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A story of sustainability.


Inherent in every one of our premier fish products is our connection to all things that we hold sacred. It is the essence behind our unwavering commitment to the highest quality in everything we do. This includes:

ALL THINGS to Maintain Our Traditions

We still fish in the traditional ways, using the wisdom of our elders that was handed down from generation to generation. Our fish are wild-caught by tribal fishermen, employing local knowledge and ancestral practices to deliver quality fish products in the most natural way.

ALL THINGS to Promote Sustainability

Sustainability is in our DNA … and our DNR.

Guided by ancient traditions, aided and advanced by the most modern techniques, we are closely aligned with the Red Lake Nation Department of Natural Resources. We employ scientific methods to track and preserve our fish populations. We use this data to establish an annual quota to ensure that our fish nation will last forever.

A man out fishing in his boat.

ALL THINGS to Respect our Natural Resources

To us, animals are no less important than humans. Plants are no less important than animals. That's why we honor all the things that take care of us. We always keep in mind that we do not own the earth. The earth owns us.

ALL THINGS to Nurture Healthy Waters

As an Indian Nation, we are the guardians of our land and protect its natural state by managing over development. Our waters run free of the contaminants that are drained into other lakes. Organic waters spawn the healthiest fish and it shows in the quality we provide. We are dedicated to preserving the health of our beautiful lake and all of its inhabitants.

Fish on ice.

All Things to Deliver the Finest, Freshest Products

All of our fish are hand-filleted by expert processors. They are placed on ice without delay. When they are delivered fresh to you, they arrive fresh and clean, just as nature intended it.

All Things Considered

the Akina Brand means that we deliver the finest, freshest, hand-filleted product … wild-caught from pristine waters … with enduring respect for the land and everything in it.

Employee preparing a wallet fillet.